Playground Rules

General Rules
  • RESPECT each other’s personal space.
  • Bullying will not be tolerated. This includes harassing, intimidating, threatening, and physical contact.
  • Include everyone who wants to play and stand up for peers who need help.
  • Use appropriate language.
  • No fighting or pretend-fighting.
  • Wait in line to play. You get your place back if you use the restroom, talk to a teacher, or get water.
  • Respect ALL school and personal property. No hitting balls against the building walls.
  • When the bell rings, you need to stop playing immediately and walk back to class.
  • Running is on the grass only. Walk on blacktop at all times.
  • Act appropriately in the restrooms. No play is allowed in restrooms.
  • If students do not agree, all voting needs to be done by students in line. Vote fairly.
  • After 3 wins the winning player must get back in line to allow others to play.
  • Play must stop immediately if someone is injured. Be a friend and help out.
  • Students need to stay on school grounds at all times.
  • Always tell a playground supervisor if you need to leave the playground to see the nurse, your teacher, etc.
  • Eat snacks at tables or while sitting on ground next to the building. No sharing is allowed at school.

Four Square

  • Players will play with hands only and bounce the ball once before service.
  • Any interference will start the game over.
  • "Liners” are out.


  • Blue Monkey Bars—line up and move toward field; always start facing the field
  • Small Monkey Bars on Big Toy—start at the ladder (back to field) and move toward Big Toy; exit from stairs on Big Toy

Big Toy

  • Slides are for going down feet first only.
  • No jumping off bars or standing/sitting on top of monkey bars.


  • Ten players to a half court.
  • Basketballs are used for basketball only. No kicking basketballs.
  • No traveling, reaching in, double dribbling, or reaching around the back permitted.


  • Two-hand touch only.
  • No climbing nets or poles.
  • Only one goalie per goal and one ball per game.
  • Must play on field.


  • One person allowed on a swing at a time.
  • Waiting person must count to 25.
  • 1 forward swing and 1 backward swing = 1 count.
  • No count backs. You must move to another swing.
  • No twisting, jumping holding hands.
  • Do not run or stand next to the swings.
  • Do not save swings for other students.


  • Players get half of the court and must stay on their side during game.
  • Hits must be on the ball, not the rope. The only time the ball is held is during service.
  • Do not hang or sit on the ball or climb the pole.


  • There must be four people on a court. The order (1,2,3,4) will be chosen depending on the order of arrival.
  • Serves must land inside the handball court. If the serve is before the fist line or out of the court, the server gets one more serve. If the server misses again, he/she is out.
  • It is the server’s responsibility to tell the incoming player what number they are.
  • The ball must bounce once before hitting the board. It can bounce once or not all off the board for someone to return it.
  • The ball stays in the court. If the ball bounces off the board and lands outside the line, that student is out.
  • If the ball hits a pole and bounces outside of the court, it is a redo.
  • If anyone kicks the ball they must leave the court for the rest of recess/lunch.
  • If there is a close call about someone being out, the students in line vote FAIRLY.