Deerfield Dashers

The deadline to join Deerfield Dashers closed on February 8, 2022.


1)      Download the three forms for Deerfield Dashers (Practice Schedule, Trip Slip, Pledge) and fill out the Dashers Survey. 

Practice Schedule: PDF Link

Trip Slip: PDF Link

Pledger: PDF Link

Dashers Survey: Link


2)      The Dashers program is $15.  Checks made out to Deerfield Elementary.  This includes: shirt, prizes, popsicles, carb party

3)      Register for the final mile on the Kids Run website (link here, KROC  Website:

*This is a separate fee from Deerfield Dashers.  This fee includes a Kids Run shirt, a race day bib, and the medal at the end of the race.

*Remember to print out the waiver on this site.  We NEED this too!

            4) Bring all three forms and your check to the office ASAP, before our first training on Tuesday, Feb. 8th.


Print out, sign the KROC waver, and turn all 3 documents, along with the check, into the Deerfield office by Tuesday, February 8, 2022