Deerfield Dashers

For Deerfield parents who are interested in having their child join Deerfield Dashers this 2018-2019 school year...


1) Fill out the Google Form to sign up

The student T-shirt is included with the $25 check made out to Deerfield.


2) Print out and sign the paper form 1 and 2 then turn it into the Deerfield office along with a $25 check made out to Deerfield Elementary (along with the KROC waver, step 3)

Form 1:

Form 2


3) Register for the Final Mile on the Kids Run the OC Website

There is a $29 fee that you will pay on the KROC website.

KROC  Website:

Print out, sign the KROC waver, and turn all 3 documents, along with the check, into the Deerfield office by February 19, 2019